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Official Site is now — New Little Rock Trojans Branding

Posted by littlerocktrojans on July 3, 2015

The new address of the official site for Trojans athletics is With the branding change from “UALR” to “Little Rock”, you may have entered “” looking for the official University of Arkansas at Little Rock athletics site.

This site is a fan-run site dating back to 2001 used to direct people looking for Trojan information who did not know “UALR” and assumed we were just “Little Rock”. The site has not provided anything much over the years except links to where you can get official Trojans information and media links. The university wised up and rebranded to a more effective identity.

We are happy that you found us and we support the new name wholeheartedly. Many thanks to Athletic Director Chasse Conque for positioning Trojan Athletics in a more prominent light.

Robert C.

2 Responses to “Official Site is now — New Little Rock Trojans Branding”

  1. Tom Fitzpatrick, '78 said

    Is this a university, or a high school? . We could change “Little” into ‘Calico” and swap the warrior for a pirate, and it would look great!

  2. littlerocktrojans said

    I would agree wholeheartedly with your point that referring to the sports teams by the city name looks highschoolish, but only in cities small enough to have just one high school that bears the city’s name. Places such as New Orleans, Chattanooga, Omaha, Green Bay, Charlotte, Memphis, Miami, and Louisville and other metropolitan cities can and are branding their Division I university sports successfully with the city name because there is no such confusion due to the number of high schools in the city. We are in that ilk and can pull it off.

    So from that point, UAPB , UAM would be ill advised to brand with the city name due to the existence of a high school with the same name. but Little Rock certainly can.

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